What is The Honeypot Nib ?


What is the Honeypot nib/grind ? Development and History

The Honeypot nib/grind is my variant of the traditional cursive italic grind. It combines characteristics of both a true cursive italic nib and a stub BUT it is not a stubby cursive italic. The Honeypot Nib retains its exceptionally thin cross strokes while maintaining buttery smoothness and a catch free experience. In order to fully understand the honeypot nib let me give you a little history behind its development.

Students are arguably some of the most frantic writers due to the need of jotting down as much info as possible while keeping up with the lecture. The last thing on a student’s mind is proper writing etiquette. Now for the ballpoint, gel pen, roller ball user this isn’t an issue, even for standard round nib fountain pen user, but what about the fountain pen user who enjoys a little flair in their writing ? If you are familiar with cursive italic nibs you may very well know most do not have  forgiving corners, catch a corner and ether you tear your paper or ink will splatter all over the page. “So then use a stub nib.” if you love Cursive italic nibs as I do you know it is just not the same, especially when  you write fast the line variation begins to fade with stubs (in my experience) also, even stubs can have unforgiving corners so if you catch one  you have the same issue as a cursive italic. Enter the honeypot nib

As a student I sought out a way to “have my cake and eat it too” I wanted line variation AND a nib that wont tear my paper or splatter ink everywhere when I caught a corner. So several months and many nibs destroyed later I developed a method of grinding that gave me what I wanted and thus what would eventually be known as the HoneyPot nib was born.

How HoneyPot Nibs came to be and experience

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My books officially opened at the 2015 Los Angeles Pen show . During the post show “show and tell” I repeatedly got asked “who ground your pens? ” to which I replied “I did”. The response to my grind was very positive and I was asked if I could do their pens, so I ran with it and here we are. 

I have been grinding long before opening my books at the 2015 LA Pen Show. I officially started back in 2011 after becoming increasingly interested in grinding. I began actively practicing the various grinds and doing grinds for people who were interested here and there for “fun” so have no fear I am very competent at what i do 🙂 .

Characteristics Of the Honeypot Nib

The Honeypot Nib is exceptionally smooth for a cursive Italic, corners do not catch and it is very forgiving to unintentional pen rotation. It is designed to handle rapid writing with ease.  It is a true everyday writer by design.

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